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23 November 2007 @ 11:46 pm
G'day all, and to all a good day?

It's been a while since my last post, for two main reasons.. I'm just generally lazy.. and that hideous thing they call the HSC.

Alas, that's all over with and since then myself and 'the girls' (haha) went for a week away to Vincentia for our own special 'Schoolies'.

Beach. Sun. Booze. Fun.

And I'm proud to say this little one can hold her alcohol. heh.

Much more than I can say for... others..

Though, I must admitt I'm rather surprised that no major fights happened. What a bummer, I'm always ready for a good verbal joust, or a catfight smackdown.

Now, I'm off again tomorrow... well actually in a few hours in fact, for my trip to America! It seems almost obligatory for an asian, like myself, to at least venture off to America once in their life hahah. Whatever, I'm stoked!

Anyways, gotta jet. (almost literally, haha yay!)
With my adventures in America and Korea (for my 4-day stopover) to unfold over the next 2 months, I'll be sure to make regular posts on what embarrassing situations I will have no doubt put myself into.

PeaceOut *Waves*
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23 September 2007 @ 09:28 pm
SO, one week to go, and here's the obligatory formal entry.

Dress? Birthday suit FTW my friends.
Shoes? Stilts polished and ready.
Hair? Still attached.
Make up? Crap! Nope. Note to self: order new face.

Clearly, I'm ready to go.

Nah, in all seriousness, I'm pretty excited about it I guess. It'll be the last time we're all together as a year group. Awwwwww

I'm just proud that I haven't paid an arm and a leg for my dress, because that would have looked very interesting come Friday night. heh.
But farrrrk, what's this about people spending $600+ on dresses and whatnot? Bloody oath!

Maybe it's because I'm povo and don't have that kinda money at my disposal that I find it absolutely absurd. *shrugs*

Oh well, I just can't wait to see the Year 12 Grad. dvd that Amanda's putting together! Random outbursts of singing, screaming, dancing. Aww the memories.

Even though school can be a bitch lol, it's strange to think of me not in a school environment. I swear, it's hard to even think of myself as an 18 year old, let alone someone who's to venture out into the 'real world'. Pfft. Screw this 'real world' business, I've been living under a rock for most of my life, and I've turned out just fine. XD

Now is the time, when we find out what's really happening.
How was the ride of your life?

Now Is The Time - Damone

Gee Shucks.
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27 May 2007 @ 10:27 pm
Wow, long time, no entry?

Well I'm back to say hi, and to reintroduce myself to those who have forgotten me. Annie's the name, and procrastination is currently the game.

Anyways, at this point you're probably expecting me to declare my sabbatical from the LJ world and announce an x month hiatus...
I, probably to your dismay, am not. haha
Of course this is not to say, I'm going to be back on the "LJ scene" (lol) on a regular basis... not that I ever was before anyways, but lets just say, I'm giving early warning of any ranting in months to come.

Anyways, on with my mini entry before I got back to what I'm actually meant to me doing. (Pfft. English.. Its 'really killin' me!')

Choc-coated tiny teddies and tea, did I say?
Two ingredients that will probably give me solace, during my late nights/early mornings for the next few months.
Technically the tiny teddies are 'bad' for you... but tea is 'good' for you! See? I'm all about the balance. Oh how zen of me!

Okay, now that I am 'one with the world'...
Time to scoot.
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12 February 2007 @ 11:10 pm
Bonjour! Salut!

And... that's all that french I can remember from Year 7. *shrugs*

Tonight, as a Music Excursion (yes AT NIGHT - haha being a Senior is fun!) we went to ENCORE at the Sydney Opera House - a concert of all the very top Music 1, Music 2 and Extension 1 Music students of 2006, and damn are they AWESOME!

Actually, they are beyond awesome, they're like supernatural beings... freaks of nature... music gods and goddesses. lol.

And yes, they have definitely inspired me... Inspired me to DROP MUSIC!

Seriously, take the first guy - a pianist, who was at one stage playing with his FOREARM! I kid you not! Who does that?

As much as I was in awe of how great they were, I also kinda felt sick in the stomach, to think that that's the kind of performance quality I'm up against. Moi, with my tiny tiny hands, who can barely reach the consecutive octaves I have to play.

I, who also has to deal with my nervous, which as of late seem to be getting harder to deal with. Honestly, when I was younger, I could enter Eisteddfods with no problems. I could get up there, with my piece completely memorised and ready to go, and on some occasions go away with a prize or two.
But now? No. My last (school) Music Prac exam, and fraked up big time. Just thank goodness for my quick thinking/pause for affect... which in reality, was when I had skipped 2 lines or so.

It's one thing to simply read music and to play a couple of notes, and it's another thing to play music. What's the difference? Maybe to any other person it all sounds the same, and it probably does; but to the musician it makes a heck of a difference.

*sighs* Buggerme, what a crappy year its going to be.
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17 January 2007 @ 11:18 pm

It's seems like only yesterday, when you can into this world. You took your bloody time, but you got here. lol.

Boy, deary me, how you've grown... adorable, yet braty at time... But I love you all the same!

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Ellie!!

Aunt Annie.
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13 January 2007 @ 10:26 pm

Everyone goes through there ups and downs right? And of course, you go through them with your family – the ones you love. Well, yesterday, my dog, Lady passed away... and it wasn't that I didn't have anyone to turn to, because of course my family are always there, but the fact was, that I didn't want to - I made every attempt not to cry infront of them. I think it's something I have to deal with on my own.
I mean, for the past few days, if not weeks, we all knew that she was going to pass away sometime soon. And every time I saw her in pain, it just broke my heart and I couldn't help but break down. But what made it worse was knowing, that there wasn't anything we could do, and that it was only going to be a matter of days.

We've had her for about 13 years now, and I've practically grown up with her. I mean I named her! =) I affectionately named ‘Lady’, after Lady and the Tramp, which was, at the tender age of 4, probably my favourite movie at the time. It was the three of us, Lady, Bessie (my other dog, which I apparently also named, though I honestly have no recollection of it, since I don’t believe I’ve ever liked/loved/or even seen a movie with the name ‘Bessie’ in it – Yes, movies are my source for everything) and I, reeking havoc and unleashing terror round the backyard. =) That’s right… no blade of grass or clothes line was ever safe with us around.

But, I think the truth is that as I got older, I didn’t have enough time for her… for them both. I mean, I couldn’t even be there to say goodbye, I couldn’t bring myself to see her for the last time. I’m just so disappointed and angry at myself, for not even being able to do it. But why? 13 years together, and I couldn’t even do that. She has always been more than just a ‘family pet’, so why couldn’t I do it?

I’m a coward, that’s what it is. Plain and simple.

I can’t even talk about her, without wanting to cry, and what makes me more upset is seeing how lonely Bessie is now. Even though they’ve never gotten along, and my friends can vouch for that; fighting like cats and dogs bitches (to use the correct term =)), they were still all each other had. I nearly cried today, seeing Bessie hanging around near Lady was buried, as though looking for her, thinking that she’ll come back. Mum even said, that in the last few days before Lady died, that Bessie would lie next to her, comforting her – and this my friends, is something I can tell you now, would never have happened…

Look, I don’t know, I just thought, writing something about her would make me feel better, but it’s only made me feel worse…

R.I.P Lady
The best friend, I was lucky to have.

18 December 2006 @ 12:33 am
You know what, want my advice?

Just all go away. Seriously, each and every one of you, just pack up your things, and take WHOLE WEEK away (or longer if you want). Just get away from people... stupid, stuck up, ignorant people. And away from the daily grind, and I can guarantee you, that the world will seem... simpler.

To get away, for me, is to be free.
Free from the stress of school (and that includes the mounting Year 12 work). Free from people's petty issues, and that extra unwanted emotional baggage that people just love dumping on you, just because they think the world revolves around them. Actually, to just be free from just thinking, is liberating in itself.

Because just for a little while, the world's issues; my issues (however minor they would be) included, were non-existent.

Ahh yes, to be relaxed... is a beautiful thing.

But of course, all good things must come to an end, and one must come back to life as it is really is.
I mean, of course it's also good to be back, don't get me wrong, I've missed everyone so much. And I’ve missed what seems like a kick-arse sleepover too! lol
But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s good to wake up and not have to worry about the stresses of the next coming year... It's good to just live for the moment.
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16 November 2006 @ 11:52 pm


If love is a drug, I guess we’re all sober
If hope is a song, I guess it’s all over
How to have faith, when faith is crime?
I don’t want to die
If God’s on our side, then God is a joker
Asleep on the job, His children fall over,
Running out through the door and straight to sky
I don’t want to die

Everybody's Gone To War -- Nerina Pallot


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05 November 2006 @ 11:07 pm
Oy vey is mir...

Or in other words, woe is me.

I'm just feeling so annoyed... bored... tired... crap... shithouse... fraked.
Meh, and that's just to name a few.
Hmm. Must have woken on the wrong side of the bed. lol.

And I really don't know why, and that's the honest truth.
I mean I'm not in the mood for anything. I just want to sit here, and wallow in my own self pity.

I guess I'm just feeling kinda lost and isolated.
Feeling a little at odds with myself.
Maybe I'm just not making the effort. Actually, I know I'm not. I think there are little momemts where I shun myself, and play it off as if I don't care. OR, is it the reverse? And I really don't care, but because of 'not caring', am subsequently on the outer because of it.

Frak, who knows?

Eh... To add to my 'meh-ness' I didn't do much today. I didn't get any of the work that I had planned to do, done. Just went to Bankstown with mum, to get some stuff for dresses she's making us (me, mum and sis) for some cousin's wedding next month.

*sighs* I better go and get my Eng Ext homework done. Yay for me. Not.


p.s. Oh yes, on a lighter note, Ellie (niece) has her first boyfriend. Yes, barely 10 months and a bf, already? Boy, do we start em young. lol.

Oh crap, now I'm really depressed... Ellie's got a bf and kissing boys before ME!!! Shit my life really does suck.

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02 November 2006 @ 12:39 am
I went on a Music/Drama Excursion today to see 'The Pirates of Penzance' at the Opera House! I liked it. It was actually pretty funny.
lol arrr pirates!

Of course, it was Wednesday Night TV NIGHT!! Woo!
I know I love my Wednesday nights, but it's getting a little confusing... what with, flicking between Thank God You're Here and McLeod's Daughters; then later, between The Glass House, (old) NCIS and (new) ER. It's crazy man!

Anyways, I caught most of The Glass House tonight, (since NCIS was a repeat) but I think I'll watch it again Saturday night to watch the rest...
But, I must say, I am now, outraged!!!

The Glass House is being cancelled?!?!

WHATTHEFRAK to the max, my friend. Cancelled? This is BS! This is just WRONG! Damn the bloody ABC! *shakes fists*
To use Maria's word (lol), it's just fraking BADONG!!



Oh yeah, in other 'news'...
No more Axle Whitehead on the good old 'Video Hits'. 'Tis truly sad, because I actually liked him.
Oh well, if you're going to do something stupid, you've got to pay the price.
Pfft exposing himself... LOL stupid indeed.

Awww, now I'm sad... (lol)
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